Children’s Inflatable 2MPH Speedboat

speedboatSummer’s here, so why not make the necessary preparations in advance for your kid to enjoy their summer in the great outdoors instead of spending their time cooped up at home right smack in front of the video game console? The Children’s Inflatable 2MPH Speedboat should make for a welcome distraction to Mario and Metal Gear Solid, offering your little one that there is more to life than just achieving a high score or pounding baddies to submission via the video game controller.

This is the inflatable speedboat that provides a safe 2 mph speed on calm water, such as pools or small ponds (play the video). The outboard electric motor is controlled by a child sitting in the inflated hull–a handhold with a finger trigger turns the motor on or off immediately; the boat can accommodate two children at once. The motor drives a shrouded propeller with no exposed blades that provides smooth movement over calm water; the motor can be turned 360°, so even backward movement is possible. Requires eight D batteries that provides up to five hours of operation. Deflates for off-season storage. Hull constructed from 3mm thick PVC. Supports up to two children (or 100 lbs.)

This is one $99.95 toy that is worth considering if you want to get your kid to obtain a tan this summer!