Children’s Configurable Fort

There is nothing quite like the imagination of a child to maximize something as simple as a cardboard box, where he or she turns it into a plane, a submarine, a race car, or even a fort. Well, sometimes you might want to encourage even more creative thinking through treats here and there, and I don’t suppose you can go wrong with the $199.95 Children’s Configurable Fort? Yes sir, this building set will allow your kids to explore their construction skills as they work on tunnels, mazes and forts in different configurations.
Small hands are adequate to snap the panels together, where they can create lengths of wall or wrap-around enclosures. With a total of 46 brightly-colored rigid panels to choose from, they can be reinforced by joint attachment clips which will secure the panels in 90° or 180° segments to make sure that such constructions remain standing even during some rough and tumble play sessions. To put it away, the panels will separate quickly, and can be stacked flat ala Ikea style, stashed away into a carrying case.
Something tells me that this with bunch of Nerf guns would make for an unforgettable afternoon playtime.

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