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Childproof Knife Block hopes to prevent unwanted accidents

childproof-knife-blockThe kitchen can be a fun place to be in, especially if you have a great love for whipping up delicious meals for the entire family. The thing is, the kitchen can also be a dangerous place, especially when those who are young and inexperienced have not quite figured out the potential threats of a fire gone wild, not to mention all of the other sharp implementations of tools hanging around. If you would like your little one to help you out in the kitchen, having some relevant safeguards in place would make plenty of sense, and one of those ways would be to pick up the Childproof Knife Block by Richard & Anthony Joseph, which will retail anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on the model you choose.

This childproof knife block would rely on a patent-pending locking mechanism in order to prevent any unwanted accidents, and it works in the same way as how a car seat belt operates. The moment the knives are inserted into the block, they are unable to be removed by curious kids, but only adult-sized hands will be able to do so. The placement and size of the lock release button, not to mention the amount of force required to press it, would mean that the sharp knives within will remain locked until an adult requires of them. You can pick the block by itself to store your own knives, or have the optional set of six, chef-quality, Japanese stainless steel blades which are color-coordinated with their home slot in the block.