Child Piloted Tumbler

Children should be given the chance to live out their childhood to the fullest – instead of being “tethered” to books, so to speak, all the time. I guess that at the end of the day, there needs to be a careful balance between having fun while learning. If your kid has an adventurous streak in him or her, then you might want to consider a pre-summer purchase of the $79.95 Child Piloted Tumbler. Yes sir, this rolling tumbler will put your little one firmly in control (and safe, too), as he/she is ensconced inside its protective inflatable honeycomb structure.
The drab part would be finding the perfect, or at least, near perfect area for one to tumble down in this. It is made from heavy-duty 1/8″-thick PVC, sporting 30 hexagonal chambers form the tumbler’s globular shape, where each end provides a 13.75″ diameter opening which will enable a child weighing no more than 100 lbs. to enter. Since there is enough room in the interior to change one’s position, a child can easily shift his or her body weight to generate momentum, and Newtonian physics will kick into play.