Child Minder – Hey Don’t Forget the Baby!

Were you ever driving down the road and automatically just took the turn that takes you to work, even though that’s NOT where you were going? Have you ever experienced an automatic pilot type daze, where you just do what your body is programmed to do, like waking up and putting on your suit only to realize that its Saturday? Usually the consequences are minimal, but what about parents that don’t usually take their infants to daycare? What if they just go to work, and leave their child sleeping in the backseat of the car. It happens more often than you would care to imagine. It happened in my area during last weeks heat wave – with tragic consequences.
A company called Baby Alert, introduces us to┬áThe Elite Pad System, placed between the carseat and its cloth cover, the Elite Pad System is activated when a child is placed in the seat. The System will then sound an alarm six seconds after a you walk more than fifteen feet away from a vehicle while your bundle of joy is still in their car seat. It seems so ridiculous to think a device like this would be necessary, but when you are not the parent that typically drops off your child, well, lets just say I’d much rather be safe than sorry…
This simple device is easy to install, comes with a keyring alarm, works with wireless technology, and has all the necessary fail safes, like low battery indicators, and self testing features and with different packages, meant to protect from one to three kids, starting at only $69.95 I guess it makes an excellent baby shower gift and it gives you valuable protection against the unthinkable. Available at

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