Child Minder system to prevent tragedy

child-minder.jpgWhile no parent wants to deliberately harm their child, dozens of children in the US die each yet in a thoroughly preventable error, where the absent-minded parent will leave the child in a vehicle as they head off to perform their chores. The insides of a vehicle heats up extremely fast, and is fatal if a child is left all alone strapped in the seat behind. What are some of the steps one can take to prevent this tragedy from happening? Other than being more careful, why not enlist the help of a little technology with the Child Minder system? It won’t hit your pocket for massive damage, and yet gives you peace of mind the next time you bring your little one out for a ride.

This child safety product is meant to assist the overworked caregiver by giving a gentle reminder should the caregiver actually walk away from a locked vehicle while leaving his/her kids inside with the car parked underneath the scorching sun. It doesn’t require much smarts to use, and definitely will not add more to your “To Do” list, since all you need to do is perform a self-test to make sure it is functioning, and you’re good to go. Installation is dead easy – just replace your child’s safety seat harness clip with the Child Minder system’s smart clip while placing the key ring alarm unit on your key ring. The smart clip will activate the moment it is fastened, and the key ring alarm will sound should you walk 10 feet away from your vehicle while your child remains strapped to his/her child safety seat.

Additional safeguards include a continuous playback of nursery rhymes on the smart clip until the device is unfastened should the parent forget all about the key ring alarm unit, acting as a deterrent. Audible low battery indicators also work great so you can be sure that these get replaced as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. The Child Minder system retails for just $64.95.

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