Child creates vacuum cleaner-powered Spider-man suit

When I was a kid, I discovered that I could brace my arms and legs against a door frame and then “climb” to the top. My family called it my “spider-man” trick for lack of a better word.

I never perfected my “spider-man” trick as good as 13-year-old Hibiki Kono. Kono has managed to take two 1,400 watt vacuum cleaners and make it so they really suck up against a wall. The end result is a super suit that is a little Iron Man and Spider-man at the same time.

Kono’s method bears a strong resemblance to these gloves that we reported on a while ago that allow the user to climb walls. It was a demonstration for a BBC science show called Bang Goes the Theory.

Yes, he can climb walls, and I’m guessing that his parents probably don’t let him climb very high ones. I suppose that he’ll probably be working on a way to make it so he can spin web-lines and swing from building to building.

I believe this boy already has a super-hero name of Spiderlad. I hope that he comes to understand that “with great power, comes great technology”. And the Spider-man jokes just keep coming.

Perhaps Kono’s apparatus should be mass produced, and made so kids can try this everywhere. Something tells me that OSHA and other parent’s groups will want there to be mattresses and harnesses so playing Spider-man will be “safe”.