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Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector

You can never tell when a fire is going to begin – it is just one of those things in life, but this is where being prepared comes in handy. Every home should have a fire escape plan for all the family, in addition to a fire extinguisher as well as smoke detectors. Instead of getting a boring looking smoke detector, why not chic things up with the £34.99 Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector? Yes sir, this unique smoke alarm will certainly shed the tags of being boring and ugly, where it resembles a bird on a twig instead. It seems to be the perfect tool for any room in your home, where it will not issue a real life Chickadee mating call when it detects smoke – but instead will wake the dead up with an 85db alarm signal upon detection of some smoke in the room. There is a 1.5-year battery life with each device, and a test button will definitely help you make sure everything is in fine working operation. Should the battery die off, an alarm signal will be played so that you can do the necessary. Any takers? ]]>