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The Chemex Glass Kettle makes boiling water look like science

Chemex Glass Kettle

When you get into making tea on a regular basis, you start noticing the subtle differences between one cuppa and the other. Over time you’ll start paying attention to brew times, and begin to be curious about what you could do to make your brewing experiences more and more fulfilling. Maybe you upgrade to loose leaf tea, get cup covers, or maybe you just want a more interesting kettle.

Chance may have it that you want a kettle shaped like duck, or perhaps you’d prefer something that looks like science is happening on your stove. This Chemex Glass Kettle looks like abstract art, and it is! Made of borosilicate glass that was hand-blown, it uses a silicone rubber ball steam stopper that will make sure the steam escapes properly without over-heating the glass neck.

The glass is nonporous, meaning it will not affect the taste of your drink, and will look awesome while it’s heating up! There are a few annoyances that comes with this kettle though, one being that you must heat it up slowly, as it’s never a good plan to take something glass from cold or room temp to a high heat without much time in between, and the same goes for trying to cool it down. You’ll also want to make sure you have metal grid for coiled stovetops. This is a $75.95 purchase that is meant to be an artistic addition to your home, so if you can deal with the extra steps that come with it, it’ll definitely be a conversation piece.

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