Chefs Remote Thermometer Monitor

If you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more wireless gadgets left to be made, you were wrong. It seems that in this day and age just about any task you want to do has a wireless substitute. This wireless gadget allows you to remotely monitor the temperature of your meat so you can be a mindful chef while being able to do other tasks at the same time.

The base transmitter thermometer constantly sends the current temperature of your meat back to the hand held receiver which you can carry with you anywhere within 100′ of the oven.

The hand held device has temperature settings for 6 different kinds of meat and poultry so even the “less informed” chef can know when the meat is done. You can also program your own settings which you can opt to give you audible voice alerts to let you continue on with whatever else you’re doing without having to constantly check the current temperature.

It is also perfect for use not only in ovens but also on outdoor grills. The hand held is completely weather resistant so you can use it outside no matter what the conditions. To function, it requires 4 AAA batteries.

This gadget would be perfect for any chef who’s got other things to do rather than continue returning to the oven to check the temperature. You can pick yours up for $49.95 (CAD) from Hammacher.