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The Chef’n Palm Peeler might make food prep easier

Chef'n Palm Peeler

Are you ever scared that you’re going to cut up your hands when peeling veggies or fruits? We’d like to think we’re as coordinated as the cooks we see on shows, but most of the time we’re a fraction of an inch away from a trip to the emergency room. While most of the injuries are caused by the hand that’s holding the item to be peeled, getting a new tool for the job might lessen your chances of blood loss.

The Chef’n Palm Peeler slips onto your middle finger through an adjustable ring, and the peeler will sit cradled in your hand. It has a plastic piece about the size of your palm with the peeler in the center so that it won’t be up to your finger strength to glide the peeler across the surface. Since you don’t have to be quite so precise with your movements, it should make the job easier.

This 18/10 stainless steel bladed kitchen tool will make for easy cleanup since it can be put on the top rack of the dishwasher. Don’t be that person that doesn’t get the roughage out first though, or you’ll have soggy veggie and fruit bits still jammed under the blade when you get it out. This is going to cost you around $7, and would be a great learning tool for kids who you don’t want to hand a traditional peeler to just yet.

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