Checking Tire Pressure the Gadget Way

Checking the tire pressures of your car is generally pretty tedious and involves checking each individually either with your own tool or a trip to the garage, this next gizmo lets you see the pressure without leaving the driving seat (if, unlike me, you have a new swanky car it might already do this for you but this site is for us cheapskates too).

The TPMS-201 (which I assume stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a set of valves that connect to each of your cars wheels, these then measure and transmit the pressure to a display unit that you mount on the dash. The display unit shows you each tires pressure or temperature in real time giving you the knowledge to pump your tires for optimum performance .

There are versions for both 4 and 6 wheelers, more info and availability over on DigiTire