Checker Game Shot Set

Checkers has always been a fun game to play whether to play with several people watching or just best friends getting together for a game. Well, checkers will never be the same once you play the Checker Game Shot Set.

This checkers game will have everyone in on the excitement and give your party an exciting new twist. You play checkers the normal way except you use shot glasses filled with your favorite liquor or drink. Of course, liquor would be more fun.

As you jump over and take the shot glass, you get to drink the shot. How cool is that?

The game comes with 12 shot glasses for both people that are playing and of course the checkers board. Play as normal and see who can beat the winner. The winner may keep his title until he has downed quite a few shots and then the challenging will be even more fun.

The game has 24 two ounce shot glasses and on 14 inch by 14 inch checkerboard. You can find this unique checkers game online for around $20. They also have a few other unique games that are designed the same way with shot glasses.

Don’t be left hosting dull parties, use intriguing games to get the party started and enjoy watching the winner down shot after shot. Not only will this checkers game give your party a boost, but also you and your guests will talk about the cool game for weeks to come.

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