Check out the Lunchtime Lengthening Clock

You don’t have to work for the “man” long to know how slow the clock moves during worktime, and how fast it goes during lunch.
Fortunately, this Lunchtime clock is designed to speed up twenty percent at 11 AM and then slows down twenty percent at 11:48, which adds 12 precious minutes to lunch.
This will allow for an extra hour worth of lunch for the whole week. Not only that , it will be back in sync in 1:00 PM real time when the 1:12 PM lunchbreak ends.
There is sadly no way to buy this thing at the store, but you can find out how to make one at my Source Link. Unfortunately, there isn’t any instruction how to make it as a digital clock.
Now, here is the real problem, whether or not your boss will fall for that. Of course, I lose track of the clock all the time, and as long the time eventually caught up with itself, would anyone even notice? Let’s just put it this way: would you be willing to bet your job over it?
I wonder where else I can use this? Perhaps I can shave time off of football games. Of course, the clock stops and starts all the time, so who would notice?