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Cheap, Simple Home Surveillance Kit

Mini-Air Watch 4 Wireless Camera Kit
I would have thought getting decent home surveillance would have cost a lot more, however this cheap kit gives you just about all you’d need to start watching your home and finding out who keeps eating all the cookies! The Mini-Air Watch 4 Wireless Camera Kit comes with four wireless cameras, a receiving station and a remote.

The cameras are all wireless and are tiny so they can easily be hidden or disguised. They can function within 100 feet of the receiver (300 feet outside) and broadcast detailed, color video as well as high quality audio to the wireless receiver at 2.4GHz.

Each camera can be assigned its own channel to make scanning through the cameras as easy as pressing buttons on the remote. They can also be set to scan through the channels automatically if you don’t feel like pushing a button every few seconds.

If you intend on having long term use of your surveillance network, you would probably be using the adapters provided for both the cameras and the receiver. If you’re being sneaky, however, you can run both the receiver and the cameras on 9V batteries for about 3 hours of continuous use.

The horizontal resolution that the cameras capture is 380 TV lines, and they capture a 62-degree field of view. There is also a mounting bracket provided for each camera which make attaching to walls very simple.

The receiver is very easily hooked up to a TV or VCR via AV cables. I personally would probably set something up with a TV tuner and get my computer saving digital copies of my surveillance.

This amazing kit is available for just $259.99 from Smart Home, and is also available for $99.99 with just one camera. I don’t think there is a camera system out there with this high quality and low cost!

2 thoughts on “Cheap, Simple Home Surveillance Kit”

  1. This home security system does very well. If you have a tv tuner card on your PC you can have it “captured” to your harddrive. There is software that you can download that will give you motion sensor options to only record when motion is sensored to saave memory or you can configure your settings to use as little as 1Gb of constant memory per 24 hour period. That is not alot these days.
    I record constantly but choose 24 hour incriments so one day is 1 gig of memory. Hope this is helpful information.

  2. Pls I will like to hsave this kit bought from your company once u advise me on the mode of payment.
    I am based in Africa, Nigeria.
    Thanks very much.

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