Charging Travel Folio


You may have seen the Charge4all Charging Tube over the summer this year.  Well this gadget comes from the same company and helps simplify charging your gadgets just as much as the tube was.  Instead of cleaning up just one tabletop though, this makes gadgets on the go easier to charge.  It’ll make life much easier for those that are constantly having to travel for work and need their gadgets up and running in order to get the job done.

Instead of having to worry about packing five different chargers, you can pack this Charge Folio.  It zips up conveniently so that all the cords stay tidily tucked within.  It’s also possible to toss at least a couple of the gadgets in there just to simplify things more.  The charger has an on/off light to show when the charger is in use.  Like all of the Charge4All products, this comes with 5 smart charging plugs.  The iPhone/iPod, mini USB, micro USB, Samsung SCH and LG Chocolate.  You can purchase it for $49.95.

Source:  Gearlog