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Charge & Glo iPhone LED Cable adds some variety when charging

charge-n-gloThey say that variety is the spice of life, and I certainly do not disagree with that statement. However, when you have something as beautiful as the iPhone being your primary smartphone of choice, why bother to charge it up with an ordinary looking cable? Why not make sure that the charging cable itself will also offer some flair, and you can do so without breaking the bank thanks to the $11.99 Charge & Glo iPhone LED Cable?

The Charge & Glo iPhone LED Cable would be able to make your charging and data synchronizing sessions a whole lot more entertaining. You no longer need to wait for your smartphone to re-juice or transfer files while tapping your fingers on the table, as the Charge & Glo iPhone LED Cable will light up whenever it is plugged, and it ought to draw some interested and curious stares while you juice up your handset in public. It is ideal for the car as well as those who love to sleep with their handsets right beside the bed since there is no longer a need to fumble in the dark for your charger. You can choose from Red, White, or Blue shades, and the Charge & Glo iPhone LED Cable will play nice with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.