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Char-Broil announces the Simple Smoker

char-broil-wifiYou know, when we mention the Simple Smoker, we would like to make ir very clear right from the get go that this has absolutely nothing to do with them cancer causing sticks, or vaping, but rather, the Simple Smoker is a model from Char-Broil that will ensure that any holiday or family gathering will be made all the more special, just like how a grill works wonders. This device that will retail for $299 a pop, accompanied by the $399 Digital Electric Smoker, will be able to play nice with the Char-Broil app and SmartChef technology.

Regardless of which particular model that you decide to get, both of them happen to be the first of their kind, and these smokers will also have the ability to synchronize to your smart device (be it a smartphone or a tablet) over a Wi-Fi connection that runs the Char-Broil app, where it will then allow connected users to enjoy more convenience and freedom than ever before. It also does not really matter just which skill level you are at – you will still be able to enjoy an outdoor cooking experience which is all about leveraging innovative technology in order to create superior taste, perfect cooking techniques on a consistent basis so that everyone can enjoy an effortless smoking routine.

Brendan Anderson, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management of Char-Broil, shared, “Although smoked food is universally loved, the complexity and time commitment of the smoking process has always been a barrier. The two new connected Char-Broil SmartChef smokers make it easier than ever to make perfectly cooked smoked meals without being time consuming. We want to inspire a new generation of smoker consumers who want to monitor their smoker, anytime and anywhere on their connected devices.”

Other than obtaining real-time cooking info via the Char-Broil app and the ability to make adjustments as required, these will also offer readings on meat temperature, the estimated cook time and done time, and chamber temperature, among others. The Simple Smoker and Digital Electric Smoker can see action on patios, balconies, rooftop terraces and decks of all sizes.

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