Champ Sofa is both couch and a punching bag

Here is a couch that is “more than meets the eye” by German designer Tobias Fraenzel.

As you can see, the back cushion can flip up and become a punching bag. Granted, I don’t know why I would want such a thing, but you never know when frustration is going to hit, and hit hard. So why not just prop up the cushion and smack the living heck out of it?

This is the Champ Sofa, and it was made for Italian Campeggi and unveiled for Milan Design Week 2010.

I can see Sandra Bullock’s character using one of these in Miss Congeniality 3. Not that they should make one, because Miss Congeniality 2 really sucked. I mean, they used the score from Chicken Run, for crying out loud!

I’ve already thought of a movie where this could be used. It would be with a couple in an argument. The wife starts beating up the punching bag on the Champ Sofa, and the husband grabs his wife saying: “stop punching and listen to me!” At which point, the couple starts beating each other up, which somehow leads to them kissing and hugging.

Yeah, I know, it is a silly movie idea. However, it can’t be made until the Champ Sofa is mass-marketed. Unfortunately, my source does not know when that will be, and doesn’t have a price.