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These Chameleon Pens make creating art much easier

Chameleon Pen

When studying art, you have to work on a variety of different aspects to make the finished product believable. Obviously being able to draw bodies, plants, and buildings in a semi-realistic way is important, but the next biggest challenge is color. Not only do you have to choose the colors carefully, but you also need to take shading and gradients into account. If you want to do colored gradients, it usually takes a great many drawing implements to get the desired effect.

If you want a seamless blend or gradient, these Chameleon Pens are going to make that much easier to accomplish. Rather than using two or three different colored pens to make it look like the color is flowing from one to the next, this marker pen can give you multiple color tones in one. It uses a colorless toning medium in the cap to dilute the color at the tip, and as you use it the color will return more and more until it hits its full vividness. You can see this same kind of effect with diluting watercolor paints with water.

The nibs are where the secret is at, as they must be able to soak up and put out color at a consistent rate every time. They are replaceable, and are said to be relatively cheap, but they are extremely effective. There are 20 essential colors based off of the color wheel, but they’ve made another 30 colors for flesh tones, greys, florals, and more. Paying $80 will get you the essential 20 pens with a detail pen, colorless blender, and 10 replacement nibs, but the whole set of 50 will cost you $190.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter