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Chair Socks keeps your floor safe from scratches

chair-socksSocks are pretty useful items to have around the home – for starters, they keep your feet nice and warm whenever it is cold, especially when you do not have any carpets in your home. Apart from that, they help to absorb sweat from your feet if you are involved in a whole lot of physical activity like walking, running or hiking, not to mention having such activities result in blisters on your feet. Well, with that in mind, why not furnish your home furniture with socks as well? The £9.99 Chair Socks are pretty nifty things to have around the home, as it not only makes your abode more homely, it also adds to the cuteness factor.

With the Chair Socks, you can consider them to be soft underwear for your upholstery, which means there will be no more worries of scratched floors or unbearable screeching noises. Since they are nice and stretchy in nature, with one size being able to fit most chairs, there should not be any kind of worry whatsoever that they won’t fit – unless you know the kind of custom made chairs that you own. The Chair Socks are made from an ultra durable double-layered acrylic blend, and is also a fantastic method to color your home with some personality.

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