The Chainsaw Sharpener puts more bang to your buzz

Chainsaw Sharpener

Have you ever used a dull knife to cut a tomato? You either end up smashing it, or sawing back and forth a few times until you break the skin. Dull knives are often far more dangerous than sharp ones, as you use more pressure than needed. Should it go askew, you’re very likely to injure yourself. This can be said of any item that is supposed to be sharp.

The best thing to do is keep all of your tools ready for action, and that includes your chainsaw. Anything the blades come into contact with are going to dull it down over time and unlike with circular saws, replacing the blades isn’t that easy. The Electric Chain Saw Sharpener can mount to a bench, wall, or vise, and features a 4200 RPM grinding speed. There are side safety guards so you don’t cut anything before you mean to, and this should fit all designs and pitches of chain.

It seems like spending $40 on a sharpener is silly, but if you keep going through $15 blades, then this could save you a chunk of change over time. It always takes a lot more money to save money, doesn’t it? Of course, you could just take this to a professional and get it done for $10, but even that will add up over time. The best course of action would be to learn how to sharpen this sort of thing yourself, but with so many gadgets around to do it for us, we’re losing our need to learn how.