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CG – 20th most subscribed blog?

Top 100 Blogs

Some really sad stat head cool guy called me Al Carlton over at Self Made Minds has produced a list of the 100 most subscribed to blogs ranked by FeedBurner subscriber counts. At the time of writing CG is ranked 20th with 28984 readers 🙂

The chart doesn’t show sites that don’t use FeedBurner or publish the figures, hence the omission of gadget legends Gizmodo but I still reckon it’s pretty cool.

So thanks to everybody who follows our daily gadget quest via the feed and also thanks to all the other sites who don’t publish their feed counts thus giving us a chance to be twentieth 🙂 . Cheers to All Gadgets for the idea of the slanted image.

2 thoughts on “CG – 20th most subscribed blog?”

  1. Congrats. You have a great site and always cool stuff. It’s one of the first feeds I check every day. Keep up the fantastic work.

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