CES 2008 WoW Wee Flutterby and Fairyfly

Not all girls are into helicoptors, planes and other such microflying toys, so WoW Wee have now come up with two fairly girly options; Flutterby and Fairyfly.

Both charge on a hand held charging unit and take about 10 seconds or so to charge up and then fly for 20 seconds (Flutterby) and 5 minutes (Fairyfly).

The Flutterby can be used either indoors or outdoors and whilst not directly controllable via the handset, it will fly in a random circular pattern and, if the wind carries it, could go quite high.

Fairyfly can only be used indoors and is directed by the hand held remote control, which is perfectly suited to small hands.

Retailing at MRSP $24.99 for the Flutterby and MRSP $34.99 for the Fairyfly and available from Wowee.