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Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern seems disguised as candle

Here’s a solar lamp that almost appears to disguise itself as a candle.  If someone were to walk past this lamp without paying attention or see it at night, they’d very likely write it off as a candle without giving it a second thought.  Well this glazed ceramic sphere will keep on giving you eco-friendly light, without you having the same concerns as you would a candle.  Things like looking for a lighter and then attempting to remember to turn it off again.  You get all the soft glow you want and no risk of burning down your front porch.

There’s no need to flip the light on or off either, it will always automatically come on once it’s dark outside.  After the light has a full charge stored up from during the day, it’ll be able to shine for up to 8 hours.  The batteries themselves are the replaceable kind, it uses rechargeable NiMh batteries.  On the up side of things, it seems that buyers have nothing but good things to say about these after they’ve purchased them.  Knowing that ahead of time always makes it easier to purchase things such as this, online.  You can pick them up for £11.99 or about $19.

Source: Envirogadget

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  1. The use of candle lantern can be a complement to your home decor. And solar powered lighting is a good alternative for security reasons, especially if you have small children at home.

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