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This Ceramic Bath Ball keeps your water hotter, longer

Ceramic Bath Balls

The world seems to run on electricity these days, though in the scope of history that’s only a recent development. Now if we’re bothered by any small inconvenience we can buy a gadget or gizmo with a rechargeable battery to aid us in just about any task you can imagine. Of course, people didn’t always have batteries to charge their lives, so there are lots of neat items that can aid your life without needing an outlet nearby.

This Ceramic Bath Ball will not only make your skin softer after a bath, but will also create a sauna effect, heating up your water as it bobs along. Not all ceramics do the same job, so don’t go sticking a coffee cup in your tub thinking it will do the same thing. Our ancestors wouldn’t have used ceramic for heating, refrigeration, and health purposes if there wasn’t some truth behind it.

In this instance, these ceramic balls create far infrared waves to heat up your water, making it feel more likeĀ a spa experience than a probably-too-small bathtub at home. The balls are encased in a non-woven fabric, and will be most effective in smaller tubs or foot baths. This is a $23 purchase, but there’s nothing wrong with getting multiples if you really want to heat things up. The string they are tied to has a suction cup on the end so that you can anchor it to one place in your bath without it interrupting your soak.

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  1. This is where the rules of physics come up against the rules of P.T. Barnum… “There’s a sucker born every minutes”.

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