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The CellScope will cut down on time at the doctor’s

Ear Scope for iPhone

If you’ve ever been around children, you know that ear aches are a common theme. Kids don’t really understand why they’re hurting, only that they are and you as their parent are supposed to make it stop. While you want to immediately head to the doctor’s whenever this strikes, wouldn’t it be nice if you could peep in their ears at home and be able to figure out what’s going on?

While you shouldn’t use this as a replacement for every doctor visit involving ear aches, the CellScope could be quite useful. This is an ear probe that you can attach to your phone and record footage of what’s going on inside their ear which can be viewed through an app. There are doctors who are constantly on call through this service that can analyze the footage in two hours or less, which means you can stroll into the doctor’s office having a good idea of what’s going on before you set foot in the door.

There are several differently sized tips for children and adults alike, but be mindful that this won’t provide clear images if you use it for your nose or throat. There have been many products developed that are aimed at easing our lives for all things medical. It’s a wonder what will crop up next. This will cost average Joe’s $79, and close to $300 for doctors. This will only work with iPhone 5, 5s, and 6 (sorry Android lovers).

More information available on Cellscope, found via NPR

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  1. I probably wouldn’t use this particular device; however alot of new tech “stuff” is msde for I phones users. What about we androids?

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