Cellphones to smell in the future?


Motorola has recently received a patent for a handset which is capable of releasing scents by heating a gel packet, operating on the same principle as that of a plug-in air freshener. The handset comes with a power amplifier that can activate this feature without having the cellphone suffer from dramatic design changes. This is essential since Motorola has long moved on from unwieldy cellphones to their current slick and slim handsets which are the company’s main source of revenue.

I don’t know about you, but to release a smell that is universally appealing can be a pretty challenging task. You wouldn’t want your handbag to be filled with the same smell that is released from your cellphone all the time, would you? After all, that scenario would mean having everything else in your handbag smell the same as well. Smells are much more invasive than looks, and as it stands, not everybody digs the same handset design, making smells a much harder proposition to put forward to ever finicky consumers.

What happens when a customer is sick of a particular smell – does he/she have to trade in the cellphone, or is there a replacement refill to switch smells? Would the smell replacements be fairly priced? Chances are if a handset utilizing this technology is released, most people will probably ditch the gel packet first and carry on talking like normal, which pretty much defeats the purpose in the first place. I don’t know about you, but having a cellphone that eliminates odors would probably fare better in the long run.

Source: Crave