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Cellphone Operated Watering System

Cellphone pumpThis is a novel use for a cellphone, make a call to your water pump and ask it to water the fields in your farm!

Farmer come inventor Andhra Pradesh decided there must be an easier way to switch on the pumps neccesary to water his fields (previously he had to walk and dodge snakes). By connecting a second mobile to the water pump he was able to rig it so that he could call a number start the watering process remotely.

This just goes to show how useful and versatile modern technology can be and that you don’t need the latest and greatest touch screen super duper microscopic mobile to make a life enhancing difference.

Full story over on IBN Live, thanks CorrectUs for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Cellphone Operated Watering System”

  1. Sorry dude…but this idea ranks up there with mounting TV’s on airbags. I grow winegrapes in the Napa Valley and I’d be a f*#@ing dipshit if I depended on a CELLPHONE to turn on my pumps.

    Scenario #1 Pump breaks suction. Runs for 2 days and burns out. Takes 5-7 days to be replaced. 15 million dollar crop fries on the vine.
    Scenario #2 For whatever reason…doesn’t work. 15 million dollar crop fries on the vine.
    Scenario #3 Telemarketer calls number and inadvertently turns on pump. Pump runs for 2 days…flooding first foot of soil. Can’t enter field with fungicide sprayers/dusters. 15 million dollar crop rots on the vine.

    I could continue……..

  2. Hi. A small correction. “Andhra Pradesh” is the of the state in India this dude’s from. Unless of course his mum didn’t heed the doctor’s advice and hit the Oxygen tank rather hard, post delivery. Either that or he’s “Mr Andhra Pradesh” much like “Mr Universe” or “Captain America”. But I doubt it somehow…

  3. what u need 2 understand is the gadget works It can switch da motor on and off and indians r using cellphone in ways which people in ‘developed’ countries can only dream With less than 50 us$, uneducated indian can turn a mobile into a techno wonder

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