From Cellphone to Headphone

lg-hifi-concept-phone_drmei_54-thumb-550x543-21677Once again, some new concept device has shown up that is so simple in its design, I can’t help but wonder why it is still a concept. Case in point, this Hi-Fi cellphone.

The Hi-Fi Cellphone is clearly meant to meet the consumer’s need of listening to audio files from their cellular phone. As you can see from the photo, all that users must do is insert the cellular phone into the appropriate place, and the end result is literally music to their ears.

What you can’t see is that these headphones, without the cellular phone attachment, are able to fold up and fit in a slot in a laptop, or even the user’s pocket.

You may notice that there is no microphone on the headphones, so you might not be able to take phone calls. However, I am old enough to remember days that wearing padded headphones meant that you were so into your music so much and you didn’t want to take phone calls. (Insert “the more things change” comment here.)

So far, this Hi-Fi Cellphone is still concept, and is just one winner in LG’s Design of the Future contest. Personally, I think the designer of the Hi-Fi Cellphone is going in the right direction. In other words, let’s see some more practical concept tech get made!


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