Cellphone finds new nesting place


You can’t deny that cellphones these days have turned out to be fashionable accessories, and most people choose a handset of their choice based on their budget, needs, and personality. Therefore, why not choose the option to flaunt your cellphone in a way that is uniquely you with the CPC Strap from HTL Wireless? Don’t even think that the CPC is some variation of a sport armband or cellphone case – to do so would be heresy. What the CPC Strap actually is is a revolutionary one size fits all Body Loop Strap which can be adjusted according to the girth of the object it is attached to.

You can wear it on your arm, leg, wrist, or even on your ankle – it doesn’t matter as the CPC Strap will stay there securely everywhere you go. A great idea would be to pair it up with a Bluetooth headset (just make sure your cellphone comes with Bluetooth connectivity in the first place) for a truly handsfree solution. Of course, you do not need to only use the CPC Strap to tote your cellphone around – it is more than capable of accommodating your MP3 player or compact digital camera with ease.

Another unique aspect of the CPC Strap lies in the ability to attach Jewelry Strap Loop Attachments, giving those who love personalizing their gadget accessories a field day. You will be able to add cellphone charms and beads to match the necklace, bracelet, earrings, handbag, and even shoes that you are currently wearing. HTL Wireless is currently offering the CPC Strap for $20 a pop, and once the first thousand orders have been processed, the price will increase to $50. Remember the age old adage – the early bird gets the worm!

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