Cellphone Backup Device saves numbers


Recently I’ve decided to switch cellphones, my old phone can only be dropped so many times before it finally starts looking a bit ragged.  I’m now not exactly looking forward to the joys of punching in all of my numbers into a new phone.  We’ve all had to do it before, in many cases it’s happened several times over the years.  It’s just what you have to do, so you deal with it.  Well instead of adding in those numbers one by one, you can have a gadget to transfer all that data for you.  It’ll store all of your numbers and can transfer it to your new phone if you get a new one or your old is lost or stolen.

With this you won’t ever have to worry about permanently losing numbers that are very important to you.  The device stores up to 4,000 names, email addresses and numbers.  Just push the button and it’ll begin uploading them to your new phone.  It comes with adapters to accommodate hundreds of brands as well as models.  To keep it powered it requires 3 AAA batteries.  You can purchase it for $59.95 through Solutions.

Source: Bookofjoe