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Cellphone a surefire hit with men…

5005x-xray-phone.jpg…if only it were real. This oddly named 5005x X-ray phone from Japan apparently claims to see through layers of clothing, leaving you will drool dripping from the right side of your mouth and reducing you to a blabbering idiot frothing at the mouth as you scan through hundreds of ladies in the train each morning. Sad to say technology has not advanced to such a stage yet, and even if it were possible, no government in power would be sane enough to release it on the market. While this prank has been around for quite some time now, it is for the benefit of those who have not yet stumbled upon it.

Source: Mobile Mentalism

4 thoughts on “Cellphone a surefire hit with men…”

  1. This was out 8 or 9 years ago, but it was in green and didn’t look as good as the pic above by any means. Sony had released there infered camera to see in the dark and if you where looking at someone with a bikini on or thin clothing you could see through it with a filter of some sort. A while after people starting figuring it out they took it off the market and changed a few things about it so it didn’t do it anymore. I happen to know this because I bought one when they came out BEFORE I knew what it did. Here are a couple of pics to see for your self.
    Here is an artical explaining about it and what sony’s official statement was.

    And just as I was looking around I found this artical on mobile phones doing the same thing!

  2. Sorry G, will make sure the odd bits and ends are properly pixelized when the image is shrunk down in size.

  3. Why doesn’t it just put a computer-generated graphic overlay that look like what the body would look like. Then it wouldn’t be “real”, therefore it would be ok right? 🙂

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