Cell-PAK 3G + Wi-Fi HotSpot in a box


It looks as though the in-thing these days is to remain connected at all times, and the Cell-PAK 3G + Wi-Fi HotSpot in a box certainly looks set to fit the bill. This highly portable device offers instant secure broadband Internet connectivity for those who are always on the go without having to rely on external power or carry around additional wires. Targeting businesses and individuals who rely on mission-critical wireless communications to get the job done, the new Cell-PAK 3G + Wi-Fi HotSpot in a box from Proxicast is a wireless “grab & go” solution, enabling mobile wide-area cellular Internet connectivity (WWAN) and local 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi access (WLAN) without cramping your style courtesy of its commercial-grade LAN-Cell 2 mobile 3G cellular router.

Whenever you’re in unfamiliar territory where wired communications infrastructure is unavailable, damaged or overloaded, the Proxicast Cell PAK will step in as an able substitute, offering crucial fast, effective and reliable high-speed cellular broadband communications. It is essential to have this if you happen to live in an area prone to natural disasters, as come hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes or other natural and man-made disasters, the Cell PAK will still be able to function, keeping you connected to the rest of the world. Which reminds me, that would mean getting some sort of backup power for the rest of your devices (solar would be good) since a natural disaster might leave you disconnected from the power grid.

The Cell-PAK is a tough, self-contained, battery-powered, portable Wi-Fi HotSpot with built-in 3G cellular Internet access. It is both impact and water-resistant, featuring a MIL-spec rated case and on-board power pack. It will switch to the best available service automatically, playing nice with any available Internet service including DSL, cable or other Ethernet-based networks; to any serial modem-based service including POTS lines and satellites; or even the LAN-Cell PC-Card slot which is able to handle a 3G modem from any cellular carrier worldwide. Definitely over-rated for bloggers and casual users, that’s for sure.

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