Cell-Mate Strap will make you look mentally challenged

Cell-Mate Straps have managed to find their way into the wide world of CES.  It makes it so that you can talk on your cellphone without using your hands.  Which is nice for driving or just when you’re busy with other activities.  However, you’ll probably still get pulled over by the cops, just so they can make sure you’re competent enough to even drive a motor vehicle.  This strap at least has the benefit of amusing everyone around you, because no one will be able to resist teasing you and snickering when you aren’t looking.

Perhaps you could help them out a little and attach little antennas to it with hearts on the end.  Then you would appear festive for Valentines Day and make it even more blatantly obvious that you really just don’t care how much of a dork you look like.  It takes true commitment to reach that level of geekdom.  Okay so geekdom might not be a real word, but it should be.  Just remember people, friends don’t let friends wear a headband that pins their cellphone to their head.

Source: OhGizmo

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