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Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet offers a modern fashion statement

celestial-braceletWhen your eyes look up to the heavens at night, what do you see? Not much at all, if the area has been polluted with plenty of light. However, if you were to go to a remote place, then chances are you would be able to check out the wonders of the various celestial bodies in all of their majesty, with different constellations coming to life. Well, you need not to to unchartered territory to experience that as you can now have the $59.99 Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet to offer a glimpse of such right on the comfort of your own wrist.

Definitely using somewhat similar technology to an LED light strip, the Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet will boast of a design that features Celestial Fireworks which have been captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The 15 LED lights will twinkle when it is turned on, and you cannot pick this up from anywhere else since it is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. This particular piece of jewelry, if you can call it, might not end up as a family heirloom, but it is cool as heck! The 15 tiny twinkling white LED lights represent more foreground stars, and are powered by a rechargeable battery. Its hinged bangle ships with a proprietary USB charging cable so that it can be juiced up as and when required. Charging takes around an hour, delivering up to 8 hours of twinkling.