Triceratops sharpens pencils while walking


How many of you folks still use pencils these days? This Triceratops Wind-Up Pencil Sharpener is definitely a fun piece of stationery to have at the office, giving you some comic relief during those stressful moments as you watch a plastic representation of an antique dinosaur amble along your desk in a funny walk while sharpening your pencil simultaneously.

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The brick shaped USB Flash drive

lego usb

Now there must be many people out there thinking “Are right that’s a piece of Lego” well in fact its not, this brick shaped USB flash drive is just looking like a piece of Lego and in actual fact has no connection to the toy company at all, maybe there will be problems down the line for these guys, but hey its only a flash drive.

The Australian company behind these bricks has named them “Zip Zip” they are a standard 1GB across the board, and come in blue, yellow, green, red, white and black, just like the real Lego!

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I live on the big one in the middle (Starship Earth)

Starship Earth from National GeographicHere’s a fun little product from the people at National Geographic.

Sure, you know which sphere you stand/sit/sleep on, on a daily basis, but you’ve also got to think,, hmm, where am I really?

This is cool for the kids.

Why, you ask?

Because think of all that explanations of astronomical units, distances, and spatial relations.  Now you can show kids, (and friends too) just where we are, what we’re looking at, and a tiny glimpse, at what else is out there.

(I know it’s a tad spendy at $450, but come on,, we live here!)

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Be serious… about your toys! The suitcase racing set

Look at this! an aluminium suitcase featuring a nice clean finish. It fits perfectly with your corporate penguin’s suit. It will make you look very good when attending a meeting or just going to work.

The real treat however is inside: It’s a guide rail racing track with go-karts. It respects the classic 1:87 scale. The track is well designed, looks pretty tricky to master and totals at about 2 meters length.

Want to see it? Read on…

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Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)

Don’t Bug Me!!! (this means you insects!!)Ahh the patch,, killer of nicotine cravings, eliminator of pregnancies, and now,,,

Killer of Bugs!

These are simple adhesive patches that add a little extra Vitamin B-1 to your body.

Why you ask?

Well, when you use these properly (gotta put em’ on a clean hairless patch of skin 2 hours prior to going outside) they emit a smell different from the standard CO2 smell that draws bugs to us.

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Show the world what mood you are in


These days it is so hard to predict the mood of somebody, even if it is someone who you have know for sometime, you never really know what is going on inside. However there is a neat little product that will tell everyone in the world what mood somebody is in, just imagine all the hassle that something like would prevent, silly arguments and moods would be a thing of the past, how blissful.

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Spoilt: a T-shirt for sadists (like me)

spoiled shirt

Did you ever see a movie before your friends did? Of course! We all did, at one point. And can you remember those situations afterwards, when everyone asks you how the movie was? Of course, telling them what happens is out of the question and they’ll keep bitching about spoilers and about you ruining their fun.

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Keep radiation out of your pants


Radiation from cell phones has always been in the news in one way or another, not always for anything good, but with rumors of it causing tumors and other nasty things like sterility in men, so apart from either dressing completely in tin foil to protect yourself from the rays, or alternatively not using a phone at all to be sure that your are completely safe, what else is there that could possibly protect you from the dangers of using the cell phone?

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