Popper Stopper – Belly Button Be Gone


There are certainly quite a few things to worry about when you’re expecting a child. Of course you’re constantly thinking about the health of your unborn baby, but let’s be honest, you can’t help but think about the things that are happening to you too! As if worrying about no longer being able to see your feet isn’t enough, what about your heartburn, and the dreaded belly-button eruption?

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Don’t get your Nose all Bent Out of Shape!


There really is no limit to what people will do in the name of beauty. I’m all for looking good, but I’ve found that most people seem to exaggerate their flaws in their own minds. Sometimes just a little “tweak” is all thats needed to make a difference, but people end up having surgeries and other invasive procedures to fix something that nobody else noticed in the first place!

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DNA Time Capsule – Leave some of YOU Behind.


I’ve done quite a few posts regarding how to plan for ones final goodbye. Fancy caskets, being shot into space, having our ashes pressed into diamonds, being made part of a living underwater reef system. I just haven’t really hit upon an option that completely appeals to me yet. Ideally, I’d like to find something that let’s me come back, or at least a reasonable facsimile of me. Is that wrong?

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This Party Game is a Real Shocker


Sure, we’ve all been there before, a birthday party, bridal shower, or some other (yawn) festivity that we all would have rather skipped, and just stayed home to watch TV. There are drinking games that tend to liven things up, but sometimes those just aren’t appropriate, and what about teen parties, or sleepovers? What are we gonna do to get things going?

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The Goose that “Makes” a Golden Egg?


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. That’s what they say anyway. I guess I’ve just never beed a fan of eggs, pancakes or oatmeal. Bacon is of course, a whole other story, which we will cover some other day. My family however, is hugely excited by breakfast of any kind, especially eggs. I scramble them, hard boil them, sunny side up, down, and poached. You think they’d be bored by now? Let’s have a little fun with our eggs, shall we?

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The Bt.tn – finally, you can press the big red button for the powers of good!


We were always informed in movies and shows that we’re not supposed to press the big red button. Things will blow up, disintegrate, release airlocks, and a variety of other dreadful results. What if once, just once, you could not only have your very own big red button to press, but everything it did could have positive results?

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Cheers! To Drinkable Sunscreen?


There is nothing I like better than the feel of the warm sun on my face, and the hint of a golden glow that a nice suntan imparts.  What I am not particularly fond of is a raging sunburn, or worse, skin cancer. That being said, it happens. I’m never as diligent with the sunscreen as I should be… Its messy, the sand sticks to it, and it makes me break out, but, its better than the alternative.

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The Infrared Air Guitar will let you hear your pantomime jam sessions

Infrared Air Guitar

There’s nothing quite like rocking out to your favorite song. If you know how to play an instrument, you’re likely trying to match the notes exactly. However, there are those of us that don’t know how to play guitar. In these cases, it’s best to resort to air guitar. You can go as wild and crazy as you want, and none of the fingerings for your chords will affect how the song sounds.

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Quality Craft Stove Heater – A Fireplace for your Desk


Yes, it’s Spring, but there is still a heck of a chill in the air. I find myself sitting at my desk and feeling a bit uncomfortable. Its not cold enough for the heat to be blasting, but a sweater isn’t cutting it either. A little space heater is probably what the doctor ordered, but what I have to share with you, not only gives you some soul warming heat, it adds a little fun and ambiance to your desktop.

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