Extra-Wide Contacts gives you that sought after Anime look

Rather you call it Japanimation or anime, the Japanese style of cartooning has a few distinctive factors which are hard to ignore. The chunky hair styles are angular and sharp, while the stand-out facial feature is undeniably the huge eyes and wide irises. While you can easily fashion your hair in anyway you wish with enough effort, changing your eyes to resemble an anime character was at one time, pretty impossible.

It seems that a few companies are now starting to produce Extra-Wide Contact Lenses which give you that deer-caught-in-the-headlights wide irised look. Ranging from prices between $30-$50 a pair, depending on the company you purchase from. Cosplay was never this realistic.

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Teddy Bear Lamp might scar your child for life

Does a child in your family have a rough time falling asleep without their cuddly teddy and a night light? They’re not alone. In fact, I’d still sleep with my childhood teddy bear if it wasn’t for the wear and tear it’s taken over the years, which now means I keep it in a special hyperbaric chamber.

While this teddy might not be the best stuffed animal to snuggle with in bed, it does offer both a cuddly exterior and an extra glow of light to protect you from the boogie man. This Teddy Bear Lamp replaces the head of a teddy with a lamp shade and bulb.

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Super Mario’s First Stage, in knit form

How far is too far? The answer to this question keeps getting ripped at the seams as more and more geeks around the world undertake extreme projects which take up days upon weeks of their time. This project is no different. It stretches the imagination on just how far geeks will go for their hobbies.

The Mario Scarf is an experiment in “extreme-geek knitting”. And when they say extreme, they mean it. Our favorite side scrolling classic of all time, Super Mario, and the iconic first level of the game are being knit into one long scarf. The first stage is very early in Mario’s quest to save the Princess, but it’s the level that most people remember, hence, the one we always have to start on after losing all of our lives.

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Bacon & Eggs Bandages might lead to cannibalism

For many of us, bacon is a staple in our diets, despite what doctors might tell us about the health consequences of eating too much of the delectable pork treat. I think some of the past bacon-themed gadgets we’ve talked about prove that this delicious pig part is a favorite among geeks and gadgeteers alike.

What if us humans were composed of such delicious meat? Would we have human meat farms? We wouldn’t go that far, but indeed, you might find many more incidents of cannibalism and bite injuries. If you’re brave enough to risk being serious cannibal target, and eager to show off your love for a nice plate of bacon and eggs, the Bacon & Eggs Bandages are a tasty way to cover your wounds.

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Eyeball Lamps clone your eyes

This new lamp can be filed under all that is bizarre and the slightest bit creepy.  They are hand blown glass and made to look exactly like your eyes.  So if you’re a bit full of yourself when it comes to your eye color, now you can show it off through a bit of quirky lighting.  Although I imagine your guests would feel the slightest bit unnerved by sitting next to a set of lamps that keep staring back at them.

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Bloody Shower Curtain makes you a mama’s boy

The most notorious mama’s boy of all time has got to be Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. He takes the term and brings it to a whole new level of derangement. The only problem is that the original Psycho wasn’t much of a slasher flick. It was built more around suspense than anything else.

But for those who are fans of blood and guts, you might have been slightly disappointed by what they get from the Hitchcock thriller. There have been Psycho themed shower curtains in the past, and really, how could there not be with that famous bathroom scene? But none of them show much bloodshed. This Sound/Motion sensing Bloody Shower Curtain fits the bill for those of you who are more in to slashers than suspense.

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Jinsei lets you Walk out the Game of Life, Literally

You may look at this picture and wonder if the Virtual Pet is making a comeback, but it is actually something new altogether with the Jinsei Game Punchi.

Takara Tomy is releasing this electronic game to celebrate Jinsei, which we know as the game of Life. I’m sure all have you have at least heard of the game of Life, where you have to make money, get a house, have kids, all with that really odd spinner. In other words, it’s your life, but in game form to make it fun.

The Jinsei Game Puchi takes this game of Life to the next level as you must take 300 steps before the spinner will spin. There is a pedometer to measure the amount of steps of taken, but I suppose cheaters could just shake it.

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