Sticky Note Wristwatch – a Note to Self

I have a lot of things to remember. I am constantly trying to file my bills properly by due date and write other stuff down on a calendar so that I don’t forget. Lately, I have turned to Post-It notes in order to remind me of the more important things, so now they are stuck all over my house, on my computer, my fridge and my bathroom mirror, problem is… the minute I leave the house… they don’t help me anymore.
Luckily, I found the Sticky Note Wrist Watch, made from yellow paper and adhesive similar to your more common Post-It note cube, these sticky little wristwatch silhouettes are ready to hold your most pertinent information and serves as the proverbial string around your finger when it comes time to remind you of just what it is that you need to get done.

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The Festival Couch – with Motors and Speakers, Oh My!

Ah the music festival… a rite of passage for every teenager, beer and bands, crazy dancing, tasteful (and maybe not so tasteful) full frontal nudity… fields littered with the young, and the young at heart, on lawn chairs, on blankets and towels, in varying states of consciousness. The music festival has been the same for decades.
Until now, what is that rolling down the field? Behold the Festival Couch, a solar charged, motorized, music infused sofa on wheels that can bring your personal “festival attendee” cool factor to the next level. Now you can enjoy the show in movable comfort and style, not to mention a mobile mini-bar.

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Bowser Beer for Dogs – Give your Best Friend a Brew

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I know the trend is to market stuff for dogs that people usually buy because they humanize their pets, (I know I do) even dog foods have gotten a whole lot more appetizing looking, even though King probably doesn’t care one bit. Gravy and whole grains, peas and carrots, or turkey in aspic? Most dogs would be happy to eat roadkill… but now they can have that tasty roadkill with a beer.
Check out Bowser Beer, obviously marketed to people, but made for your canine and actually good for them, Bowser Beer is a healthful meaty beverage that can give your furry friend a shiny coat, supple joints and more vibrant health. So go ahead, indulge your “party animal.”

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iNuke Boom – Really Big Sound for your iPod

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First I need to call your attention to the tiny white rectangle in the upper left quadrant of the above picture… That’s an iPhone, and the rest of the picture is the speaker dock. Yes, I agree, a picture that included a small car might have brought the whole size thing into a bit more focus, but we work with what we have. Suffice it to say, this thing is huge.
This enormous speaker system measures a ridiculous 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall and weighs in at more than 700 pounds. This steroidal system offers up a deaf defying (yes, that was on purpose) 10,000 Watts and over 130 decibels of mind numbing, chest thumping power. The threshold of pain comes it at around 120 decibels, just thought you should know.

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QR Code Tattoos – it was Just a Matter of Time

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Have you guys noticed QR codes turning up everywhere. Whats with these little suckers? They are on my groceries, newspapers, fast food packaging, they can be seen in shopping malls, on posters and on postcards. I guess we should have known it wouldn’t be long until someone started inking these codes onto their bodies.
Check out what may be the worlds first QR Code Tattoo, no longer are you stuck with a single image of the skull and crossbones you got in college, with a QR tattoo you can change what your body art links to, every single day, or simply animate your tag, by linking to a cartoon that imparts movement to your still life, make your skull sing, or that rose on your shoulder blade bloom.

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Live Forever – Upload your Mind to

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You are what you think. Does this mean you are what you believe, or does it mean that our thoughts, are precisely what makes us…. well, us? If the latter were to be the case, then it would make some sort of sense that we don’t need to die, if our thoughts and desires could be transferred to say, a digital version of ourselves then we would for the most part, continue to exist, right?
Okay, I have not been drinking, although I am mildly impaired due to lack of sleep, but try to follow me anyway. has created a platform that enables users a place to upload and store their life journey information for generations to come. It also offers access to a unique set of features that allow people to interact with their life information in a variety of different ways including a computer-based avatar that will respond with your attitudes, values, mannerisms and beliefs. Seriously.

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Magical Floating Lamp – for some Light Fun

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I love the idea of having everyday things with a twist. I mean, how many objects that we need or use everyday are actually any fun? How many of these objects do we even notice anymore? I have dozens of lamps around my home and I’d be hard pressed to successfully describe any one of them in great detail… well, maybe the one my mom gave me for a birthday, the rest are lovely, but who pays attention anymore?
You wouldn’t be able to forget this one, the Floating Lamp from designer Angela Jansen, and developed by Ger Jansen, a mechanical and electrical engineer, these spectacular Floating Lamps create a highly unusual visual effect, and should be guaranteed to generate more conversation than any other lamp in your house.

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Let's Pizza Vending machine – Fresh? Pizza Pronto

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We’ve covered the Pizza Vending machine here at Coolest-Gadgets before, and I thinks its safe to say that we agreed, if the pizza was any good at all, it could be a hit. Well, I guess people liked the concept, (and the pizza too) as the Let’s Pizza vending machines are about to take on the USA!
Expecting an obviously frozen pie, I was shocked to learn that Let’s Pizza acually vends an authentic Italian pie from SCRATCH in all of about two and a half minutes, complete with the necessary pizza cutter and napkins. The Machines, created by Italian Claudio Torghel, were first made  in Europe around 3 three years ago and they have been working their way West, ever since.

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Zombie Max Ammo – Kill Them for the Last Time

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I really don’t know what’s going on these days, I love a good horror story as much as the next gal, okay, maybe even more… but when we have real people eating peoples faces off and college roommates consuming major organs, it may be time to start preparing for the apocalypse. We already have our standby silver bullets for werewolves, wooden stakes and garlic for pesky vampire infestations, but when it comes to zombies, we are pretty much on a scream and run fast plan…
Welcome Zombie Max Ammunition, designed specifically with grand scale zombie attacks in mind, the largest independent producer of bullets in the world, wants to make sure you have everything you need, when confronted with the flesh eating undead. Specially packaged, with specific directions, you and your loved ones will have to run no more. This time, make certain that the dead stay that way. Sure, everyone thinks they can outrun a zombie, but it never works out that well, now does it?

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Honda Unveils Seated Indoor Transport Vehicle

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You will all notice a pattern developing here. I just don’t care for exercise, I always drive by joggers, speed walkers, and bicyclists on the road and think to myself, where the heck are they going? In fact, I’m only up for hiking somewhere, if I’m going to see something pretty awesome, that I can’t drive to or fly over. Heck, I wish I had a little Segway I could tool around the house in…
Wait! Honda just came out with The UNI-CUB, an all-electric, self-balancing vehicle much like a small Segway, that utilizes a saddle instead of standing. The UNI-CUB cruises at about three miles an hour, for about 3 miles, and it can fold up for easy storage when not in use.

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