Could myCopter give us the age of flying cars at last?

Another day, another flying car. Yes, we have covered flying cars like the Terrafugia Transition before, and the Transition has just received clearance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
So are we really prepared for an era of flying cars, otherwise known as Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs)? That depends on whether or not people are going to be responsible flyers. Yeah, right. Do we really think that air-related injuries won’t spike exponentially with the advent of PAVs?
After all, I can easily see a group of teenagers out on a joyride and crash a flying car. Or a guy who has had too much to drink kill several people because of an FUI (Flying Under the Influence). Or some guy who forgot to check his gas gauge and plumets from the sky, putting a permanent crater in his town. Hit the jump to read the myCopter solution.

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The airport of 2050 could actually be more efficient

I think we all know that air travel is getting a little more uncomfortable every year, and I think we all know that is going to get worse.
In fact, a recent statistic has shown that it will increase from 6.5 million passengers per day to 44 million per day by the year 2050. Fortunately, aerospace giant EADS is teamed with a European tech consulting firm Altran to create a more efficient airport.
It was recently shown off at the Paris Air Show, and the video after the jump shows off the new system, the “friend-lean”. Yes, that seems to imply that we are leaning on each other, but this is not how they are hoping to resolve the coming problem of airport overcrowding.

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Pedal Powered School Bus ready to combat childhood obesity

I believe that I have said it before, but children have all this energy that adults actually need. I figure that you might as well tap into that energy in this pedal powered school bus!
This bus, powered by Flintstones Kids technology, is made in the Netherlands by De Cafe Racer. It has room for about ten kids, and they will be put to work.
Oh man, this would solve so many problems with unruly kids on the schools bus! Just try and make those spitballs now, junior! Yeah, those kids should have both hands on the handlebars.

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New Batmobile design is earth-friendly, designed by a legend

We have seen a lot of Batmobiles driven by the caped crusader in the movies, television, and comic books. Most of them have interesting gadgets, and many are not grounded in reality. Think about the Batmobile that drove up the wall in Batman Forever.
Some people don’t like the Humvee look in the latest Batman films, and Gordon Murray, legendary Formula One car designer, created this one. As far as I know, it won’t be used in the new Batman film coming next summer, but designed for a Batman Live World Arena Tour in the United Kingdom. You can see a video of it after the jump.

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We have a hoverbike!

I think that Hollywood has taught us that in the future, everything that is has wheels will be hovering. Think of any episode of The Jetsons, or the Back to the Future II hoverboards.
An Australian inventor named Chris Malloy has figured out how to build a hoverbike, using nothing but parts from motorcycles. These propellers are powered by a 1,170-cc engine for 107 horsepower, with a 231-pound thrust-to-weight ratio.
According to my Source, he should be able to get this guy flying at 10,000 feet, at a speed of 173 mph. As of now, the fuel tank is good for 92 miles of cruising at 92 miles per hour.

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Vieria Concept Car actually cleans the air

I think that we all know that nothing contributes to the growing problem of air pollution than the automobile. However, this Vieria concept car is not planning on being a contributor, but it will clean the air.
The Vieria is described by my Source as a water purifier that “takes in dirty and dusty air, runs it through a filter beneath its passenger capsule and returns clean, fresh, breathable air”. Just think of it as the maid to the other vehicles on the road.
That alone would be enough to sell the Vieria in a hopefully eco-friendly future, but it also has another green feature. It has a shiftable scissor-like wheel and axle system, so it can be thinner on the road. Apparently, this can make it easier for the Vieria to go through rush hour bottlenecks.

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Human-powered helicopter breaks record with a four-second flight

It seems like human-powered flight is becoming more popular, with the flight of the ornithopter in September of last year, and now a flight of a human-powered helicopter.
What you see in the picture is Judy Wexler, and this is her in the Gamera, a flying machine created at the University of Maryland. She managed to keep it in the air for about 4 seconds with hand and foot pedals, which is a world record.
That might not seem like a long time, and it isn’t. In comparison, the Wright Brothers flyer stayed aloft for only 12 seconds. Like it or not, the history of human flight has been accomplished with baby steps. You can watch a video of it after the jump if you want to witness this recent history.

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