Bicycle mount from Joy Factory plays nice with iPhone 4 and 4S

If you love your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to bits and pieces, and bring it with you just about everywhere you go, then surely those who cycle around would love to have this bicycle mount from Joy Factory – known as the StormCruiser, this is the latest mounting system for both smartphone from Apple. I suppose folks who use an app on the smartphone to keep track of how far they have cycled as well as the amount of calories that they have burned will find such a mount useful.
The new StormCruiser will is a perfect solution for mountain bike riders, active adults as well as moms who are on-the-go, where their Apple device is their main communications device as well as a handy GPS navigation system, et al. Sporting a scratch-resistant case, it will allow you to access the GPS, phone and music features without fear of the Gorilla Glass display cracking when you take a tumble as you navigate through tough mountain bike trails. Bring it out with you while walking to the park as well without any worries.

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This concept aircraft carrier is mostly made of ice

During World War II, there were a lot of technologies proposed that seem outlandish by today’s standards.
One of them was by a British inventor named Geoffrey Pike, who wanted to build an aircraft carrier that was mostly composed of ice. He wanted to build it using Pykrete, a material that is 86 percent ice and 14 percent sawdust.
You might be thinking that the only place to build a carrier made of ice would be in Arctic regions. There might not be a reason to defend this cold area, but this ice carrier is actually made for warmer waters, too. Yes, it would begin to melt, but it can be repaired while at sea using the waters around it. Don’t ask me how it is supposed to do that.

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Opel peers into electric car future with the One Euro

The world’s economies are still in major turmoil, and it does not look as though there is going to be a quick and painless solution in sight anytime soon. Well, this is the result of spending for so many decades without closing in the gap on the deficit for the majority of countries out there. Having said that, the cost of living looks set to increase all the time, and transportation costs do not look likely to drop, either. You might be able to own a car now, but can you afford the fuel?
Hybrid cars as well as electric vehicles could very well be the future so that we will be less dependent on the reserves of ‘black gold’ that are sitting underneath most countries in the Middle East. Opel certainly knows this, which is why they intend to shape the future with their version of an electric car, which is the One Euro. This particular model will be able to seat two (it definitely looks sleek enough to impress more than a single date, especially when you take this for a cruise down the hottest stretch in town on a Saturday night), but it won’t be able to go fast mind you.

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World's Largest Solar-Powered Boat on a World Tour

I really like the look of PlanetSolar’s TURANOR. Not only does it look like a spaceship on water, but it is very eco-friendly as well.
As you might have guessed, the boat is covered with solar panels, about 5,380 square feet worth. In case you are wondering, the solar panels aren’t as fragile as they look. There are pictures from my Source of people walking on it.
These solar panels power two electric motors that can reach a speed of 15 miles an hour. Yes, that is pretty slow, and the TURANOR is on a long world tour.

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Get to Space via Balloon with the Bloon

Now that the Space Shuttle program has been essentially grounded, it is time to start thinking of new ways to leave the atmosphere.
Virgin Galactic may be banking on expensive trips with space planes, but this is the first time that I have heard of traveling to space via balloon.
This lighter-than-air spacecraft, the Bloon, will reach 22 miles (36 kilometers) into space. That is enough to see the curvature of the Earth, but not enough to float the passengers with zero gravity. Check out the video after the jump to see what it might look like.

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Shadowhawk UAV, one tiny copter that could come after you

What you are seeing here is no toy helicopter, but the Shadowhawk UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle).
This helicopter is about 49 pounds, and you probably want to watch the video after the jump to see it in action. According to my Source, the Shadowhawk is already being used to track pirates off the Horn of Africa. Apparently, it is also used to enforce law on U.S. streets.
It also comes with the option of turbine or piston engines, thermal cameras, range fingers, and laser pointers. For those who want some weapons, it is also possible to install 37 mm or 40 mm grenade launchers, 12 gauge shotgun rounds, or even taser batons.

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Tour bus has detachable bikes

This is the “Bike Guide Concept”, a way of travel that could be the next form of tourism.
As you can tell from the image, the Bike Guide uses bikes attached to the bus itself. The bus has a screen to announce information about the next destination, and then each bike has a screen to share even more. Screens are also used in bus stops, and the user scans their credit card to arrange a bike/bus tour.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you see that the bus parks and drops off the bikes. The tourists pedal around the attraction, and I believe that there is a timer on each bike to let the rider know when it is time to return them.

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Bracketron does the Dual USB Charger

Most devices these days have a USB port, and it goes without saying that this also means a USB charger is in order to keep said device juiced up at all times. Of course, finding a USB port wherever you are is definitely harder than looking for the ordinary, standard issue power outlet – after all, it isn’t as though all power outlets have a dedicated USB port crammed in at the moment, although we do wish it were otherwise.
Bracketron has every intention to make sure that no matter where you go, especially if you’re a heavy road user, will be able to keep your USB-powered devices juiced up before you arrive at your destination, and it does so in style with the Dual USB Charger. As with many other heavy duty electronic devices in your vehicle that need power, the 12V cigarette lighter port is taken advantage of. Sure, you lose your car’s lighter in the process, but that’s a small price to pay to make sure your phone’s all juiced up for that important meeting in an hour’s time. Wanna smoke? Carry a Zippo lighter with you then.

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