Lubricheck – Is It Okay NOT to Change Your Oil?

You know how ever since you first were learning to drive your dad told you that you needed to have the oil changed in your car about every 5000 miles? Remember how every time you didn’t do it (and that was a lot) you felt guilty and like you were ruining your car? Well, as it turns out you may have been on to something, the oil in your car isn’t always bad, and doesn’t always need changing at 5000 miles, but how can you know for sure?
Welcome Lubricheck, after all, why spend time feeling guilty or dodging your dad (not to mention wasting time and spending money you don’t have)on unnecessary oil changes, when now you can easily test your oil anytime, at your convenience. Lubricheck will tell you in less than a minute, the quality of your motor’s oil before you make a trip to the shop. You’ll know for sure whether you need to change your oil, or not.

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Sailing GPS targets those who love the seas

When it comes to the sport of sailing, there is an art to it just in case you were wondering. It is not all guts and glory as depicted in the movies as well as books, and if you decide to go at it solo, it can get extremely lonely at times. Back in the days when there was no GPS, one only had paper charts and parchments to work with. Good thing for those of you who are about to take up sailing, plenty of technological advancements have been made – and here we are with the sailing GPS.
The Sailing GPS comes in extremely handy, as it will not only account for the tacking that sailboats experience, but is also full well capable of informing you of the optimal tacking angles alongside your Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). Sounds like a dream, no? Hopefully it will be easy to use as well, which is something that we will take a closer look at right after the jump.

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Tiwi – Better than a Nagging Mom

There are few things that strike terror in my heart as quickly and deeply as the thought that someday, sooner than I would like to admit, my little girl will be driving a car. Its hard to imagine the kid, who still cant get milk directly into the cereal bowl, will be out and on the open road. Joking aside, its an awesome thought, one made more ominous by the never ending news reports of teenagers making deadly mistakes while they are still learning to drive.
I’d like to introduce you to Tiwi, who may very well be your teens next best driving companion. Tiwi mounts to the vehicles windshield or dashboard and monitors acceleration, braking, speed limits and driving patterns. Tiwi then analyzes the data and in real time, verbally assists your teen driver, by telling them to slow down, buckle up or to stop driving so aggressively. Tiwi provides parents with alerts and notifications via text messages, emails or a phone call.

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Easypark- the Parking Meter IN your Car

There is nothing like parking in New York City, not only is space difficult to find, its sometimes impossible to decipher the rules of parking in whatever space you eventually come across. When you finally have a spot, you might have to run out during dinner to feed the meter, and if you don’t have a pocketful of change… darn.
This next gadget doesn’t fix the entire problem, I don’t think anything ever will, but it certainly will help. Check out On Track Innovation’s Easypark. Easypark is a patented in-your-vehicle parking meter. It can be used for both on site or on the street parking, and it eliminates the need for change. Easypark also allows its users to pay only for the time actually parked, no more adding a quarter for a whole half hour that you probably you wont need.

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Triton 3303/3 submarine commissioned

Being wealthy certainly opens up many doors when it comes to doing something. For example, if you are extremely rich, then going for a holiday offers an abundance of choices as your money can fly you anywhere, letting you stay in the best hotels and sup on the most delectable dishes without worrying about whether you are able to make next month’s mortgage. Well, having said that, the same principle also applies when it comes to your mode of transportation – you have stretch limos, sports cars, private jets, helicopters, yachts, and a new and emerging (pun not intended) category – submarines.
Most yachts these days also come with a submarine attached to them – and it is certainly growing in terms of popularity. It seems that an anonymous billionaire has decided to pick up one of these puppies as his personal underwater ride, choosing the Triton 3300/3 in the end. The name of the submarine does give the game away somewhat in terms of its performance ability, and also denotes that this is the third of its kind to enter production.

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Forget the Segway, ride a Trikke!

I suppose that the Segway industry really has yet to take off, but I like the idea of personal mobility. I suppose I would have to group the Trikke with Segway-style products, but the Trikke has three wheels and not two self-balancing ones.
I got a chance to ride a Trikke at CES 2012, and I found that it was about as difficult to learn as a self-balancing motorcycle. At first, I was a little hesitant to make any sharp turns, but I found that with a little practice, the Trikke is highly maneuverable.
The maximum speed on it is 17 mph, but you’ll probably cruise along at about 12 mph. It is completely electirc with zero emissions, and is good for 24 miles per charge. The battery just plugs into the wall, and it is easily swappable.

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MIT student develops self-balancing unicycle with the Bullet

You remember all that hype that came with the Segway about a decade ago? I believe that it was supposed to revolutionize pedestrian travel in the big city, but the city streets are still full of walkers with only the occasional Segway.
An MIT student named Stephan Boyer created this homemade self-balancing unicycle which he calls the “Bullet”. Yes, if you have problems balancing on a unicycle, the Bullet could be your solution.
Of course, the Bullet cannot steer, at least at this present time. It does go backwards and forwards, though. You can watch a video of this after the jump if you want to see it in motion, just a little warning though, there is no sound.

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Flyboard lets you fly like a bird, swim like a dolphin

Some of you might remember our report on the JetLev Flyer, a jet pack that used water for propellant. Similar in design is the Flyboard.
The Flyboard doesn’t put all the thrust on the back, but puts it on boots. Not only that, the user has hand jets so he or she is capable of some seriously cool stunts. I would imagine that learning control of it is like how Tony Stark learned to fly in Iron Man, but the crashes are a little softer.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see how cool it really is. You will note that the user can essentially fly above the water like a bird, and swim in the water like a dolphin. Yes, I’ll bet all the animals don’t know what to make of the Flyboard.

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