INRETE Automatica announced

INRETE, a company from Europe that focuses mainly on Internet services for the automotive industry, has just rolled out Automatica, a special kind of device which will plug itself into the vehicle’s USB without the need for any kind of additional modifications, where it will allow users to enjoy the latest music or audiobook right from a personal cloud storage service and podcast channels, and all of this is made possible thanks to the Automatica website. Of course, for the more modern minded folks out there, this is definitely an evolution of the CD player, and some might say that it is the Dropbox actually gaining a life of its own, updating automatically all the time. In order to make use of the Automatica, all you need to do is make sure that there is a USB port in your vehicle, and you are good to go.

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The Hot Tug – Wood-fired Hot Tub Boat

Ah yes, I can’t think of 2 things I love more than hot-tubs, and being out on the open water. Ideally, I guess I would like to be using the hot-tub on the stern of my 115 foot yacht. Slipping off my high heels and sinking into the blissfully steamy water, while one of my outrageously handsome crew members serve me icy cold champagne and strawberries.

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Serenity tire gets modified

Do you love cycling? Casual cyclists might not experience a flat tire throughout their entire lives, but things are very different for professional cyclists. Just ask any of the riders in this year’s Tour de France – to be on the receiving end of a flat tire after one hits a tack or nail on the road is extremely frustrating, as it results not only in delays, but of more concern, it is absolutely dangerous in certain situations. In 2011, Hutchison introduced its airless Serenity tire to the world that is touted to be 100% flat-proof.
Now, necessity is the mother of all invention, but there is no stopping someone who wants to update an existing device – as cyclist Steve Boehmke realized that the Serenity tire is fairly difficult to install, and will only be able to fit to a very specific sized rim. He managed to turn the tables around by building wheelsets with the tires pre-mounted, so that there will no longer be any hassle for you to install them on your bicycle when the time comes.

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Bellyak Body Boat- Having Fun, Face First

I love the water. I have to say that as much as I hate to exercise, when you put me in the water I just can’t stop myself. I love surfing and waterskiing, swimming, diving and just generally floating around in any way. There have been a quite a few developments in terms of water sports over the years, some have been pretty neat, others have been flat out wacky. Let’s see where we weigh in on this one.
Check out the Bellyak, what seems to be a cross between surfing and kayaking on your stomach, the Bellyak floats the rider through and over the water ,and allows for quick and easy directional changes. The boat, which weighs in at under 30 pounds is about 8 feet long and has room for you to bring some stuff with you, while you are out and and about exploring the river on your Bellyak.

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The Festival Couch – with Motors and Speakers, Oh My!

Ah the music festival… a rite of passage for every teenager, beer and bands, crazy dancing, tasteful (and maybe not so tasteful) full frontal nudity… fields littered with the young, and the young at heart, on lawn chairs, on blankets and towels, in varying states of consciousness. The music festival has been the same for decades.
Until now, what is that rolling down the field? Behold the Festival Couch, a solar charged, motorized, music infused sofa on wheels that can bring your personal “festival attendee” cool factor to the next level. Now you can enjoy the show in movable comfort and style, not to mention a mobile mini-bar.

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Bicycle Rearview Camera

If you are someone who loves cycling, then chances are you would have your fair share of cycling gear. The thing is, being on a bicycle is green and all, but it is not exactly the safest mode of transport to work and back home out there, considering how many accidents there are which happen … Read more

Honda Unveils Seated Indoor Transport Vehicle


You will all notice a pattern developing here. I just don’t care for exercise, I always drive by joggers, speed walkers, and bicyclists on the road and think to myself, where the heck are they going? In fact, I’m only up for hiking somewhere, if I’m going to see something pretty awesome, that I can’t drive to or fly over. Heck, I wish I had a little Segway I could tool around the house in…
Wait! Honda just came out with The UNI-CUB, an all-electric, self-balancing vehicle much like a small Segway, that utilizes a saddle instead of standing. The UNI-CUB cruises at about three miles an hour, for about 3 miles, and it can fold up for easy storage when not in use.

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Flying Hovercraft for the uber rich

You might not be the king of the world with this $190,000 Flying Hovercraft, but you could pretty much come close when you think about it. After all, it is no pittance, the price tag of this puppy. Basically, the Flying Hovercraft does what it does best – to glide over land and water, and … Read more