Airvue and Groovies keep kids entertained on long road trips

airvueAre you about to bring your family for a holiday trip this summer, building and creating new memories for them to bring with them well into their adult years? A road trip should always be part of the bucket list, although it can be rather difficult or challenging if your little ones start to exhibit their curious nature. Questions are sure to come in thick and fast, with “Are we there yet?” being one of the main, recurring questions. Having said that, if you will indeed bring your little bunch of troopers along, then Kenu has just the thing for you in order to lighten up your load – with the introduction of a coupe of trailblazing products, the Airvue and Groovies.

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Lukas Dual Lens Dash Camera comes with Wi-Fi and GPS

lukas-rear-view-camWith the cost of consumer electronics in many areas becoming more and more affordable these days, so too have the introduction of rear view video cameras (as well as dashboard cameras) in vehicles seen the market grow by leaps and bounds. Rear View Safety, which is the industry leader in the sales and distribution of backup camera systems, has recently announced its LK-7950 Lukas Dual Lens Dash Camera that comes complete with Wi-Fi and GPS support.

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Thinkware reveals Dash Cam X330 an X350 Stateside

dashcam-x350There are so many ways in which a video recorder can be implemented across numerous devices these days, so much so that for many of us, having one dash cam installed in our vehicle’s dashboard is considered to be compulsory. After all, you can never quite tell as to when something bad is going to happen, or when an accident is about to occur. When that happens, at least you have an eyewitness of sorts when it comes to evidence. Thinkware, the leading dash cam company in the world, has just released both its Dash Cam X330 and X350 in the US, which will boast of Wi-Fi functionality so that users are able to hook up their devices to the camera, in addition to a Safety Camera Alert feature which can be connected to the external GPS antenna in order to provide drivers with regularly updated information on verified speed/red-light camera locations and registered speed traps.

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Satechi delivers new USB car chargers

satechi-car-chargersWhile autonomous vehicles are started to under more and more frequent testing, which would also translate to an increased chance of such rides being marketed sooner rather than later, one thing is for sure – our dependence on gadgets and gizmos do not seem to be weaned off at all, but rather, we all do seem to be impacted more and more by them. Having said that, many mobile devices these days do come with their own charger, and thankfully, USB charging is pretty commonplace. Hence, it makes perfect sense for cars and vehicles to be equipped with a USB charger to boot, and Satechi knows this, which is why they are expanding their Metallic Series and Type-C solutions with the Type-C USB and Standard USB-A Car Charger.

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The Annbully Car Charger Humidifier gives you aromatherapy while driving

Ann Bully Car Charger Humidifier and Aromatherapy

It’s hard to find any semblance of mental peace when you’re blasting down the highway and are suddenly stopped in standstill traffic. While music can help you calm down, your seat is only going to be so comfortable, and all your mind is focused on is getting to your next destination. While you can’t necessarily do anything about the time in between, you can make your stay in the car a more pleasant experience.

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These Kick Mat Organizers make being a parent a fraction less terrible

Kick Mats

When you get into a car, you’re oftentimes worried about having enough leg room so your knees aren’t in your chest. For kids, they have the opposite problem of having so much room that they kick around, putting their dirty little shoes on everything nearby. If you’ve got nice leather or upholstered seats, it’s not going to be a fun time cleaning mud off of either, so you can either plastic wrap the seats, or get a protective cover that was made for this very purpose.

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Bracketron assists drivers with TekGrip Power Dock release

tekgrip-power-dockBracketron is a name that many of us with portable electronics are more than familiar with. After all, they are the ones that roll out accessories which ensure that our tablets and smartphones remain in place when we travel, such as the JamSpot portable tablet stand. This industry leader in universal mounts and accessories for mobile devices has just announced the TekGrip Power Dock, which happens to be a special hands-free mounting option for drivers which will include dual charging capabilities. In other words, the TekGrip Power Dock is ideal for summer road trips, as it boasts of a couple of USB outputs for you and your passenger to plug in and power up, and at the same time making use of voice commands and GPS from your mounted device to help you arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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The MiClimate makes outdoor summer activities bearable


We curse the cold of winter for endless weeks, but when summer shows up we’re less than thrilled with how hot it gets. While the idea of running under the summer sun with a light breeze is the ideal situation, that only actually happens maybe four times. When whatever outdoor activity we do is over, we dash for the car to sit in a colder environment and let our bodies cool down.

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