Cellcontrol – Backseat Driving from Home


It happened again, another distracted driver killed himself, and the passengers in his car, because he was texting while driving. I’ve often thought that if I only glance at a text quickly, I would be fine. I got away with it a few times, but that doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen. It’s amazing how those little beeps that alert you to your messages call out to you when you’re behind the wheel… It’s NEVER that important. I don’t EVER want my daughter to think it’s okay…

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URB-E, Take your Transportation with You


When you live in a big city environment you quickly figure out that parking is a hot commodity. Sometimes, you just have to be willing to take public transportation, even if it means waiting in the rain, with your brand new hairdo and fabulous new shoes. Wouldn’t it be swell if you could get there quickly and then just take your transportation inside with with you?

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Fancy driving your car using your brain alone?

thought-carDriving a car has become second nature to many of us, and sometimes, it tends up as a reflex action that we do not pay too much attention to – which is a good thing most of the time, although there are moments when we take this particular moment for granted and start to focus on doing another thing such as checking out our e-mail, only to realize that we might have stepped on the brake a little too late shortly after, resulting in a fender bender afterwards. Well, I guess this is why a driverless car makes plenty of sense, although I am quite sure that it could prove rather disconcerting to some that you do not have full control over the vehicle in which you are traveling in. How about driving a car with your thoughts alone? Don’t you think that this would be cool beyond words?

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Grippy Gadget Mat keeps gizmos in place

It’s funny, the things we need to keep an eye on seem to disappear the most. This would include your phone, money, and keys. No matter how hard you try, it always seems to end up in a new place. While there are ways to keep track of things at home, what about in your car? Do you stash everything in a cup holder, the side pocket, or toss it all on the dashboard?

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Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder settles accident disputes once and for all

genius-dvr-hd500dHave you ever been involved in a fender bender before? Whenever there are no other eyewitnesses around other than you and the other person in the vehicle, it is only your word and the other person’s after lodging an accident report. If only there was a way for the authorities to see that you were totally not at fault apart from a verbal presentation. That is made possible with vehicle recorders, but the folks over at Genius have gone one step further with the Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder that has just been announced to go for sale in North America.

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