VogDUO Charger Go Ultra Slim USB-C Car Charger

VogDUO_Charger_Go_USB_CThe modern day person does have his or her fair share of gadgets to bring about no matter where they go. The smartphone is considered to be a staple item for many, while others might carry around a tablet to be more productive while one is on-the-move, in addition to perhaps a gaming console like Nintendo’s Switch that lets you play right in front of a TV screen and remove it if you would like to continue your gaming session when you’re out somewhere else. The cigarette lighter port in vehicles have never proved to be more useful for this generation than ever before, as it has been used to host a USB car charger that will provide a lifeline for dying batteries in mobile devices, and this is where the VogDUO Charger Go Ultra Slim USB-C Car Charger comes in.

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Neotec II makes it easy to communicate while riding

neotec-2We all know that riding a motorbike can be a very exhilarating experience, when you have the cool breeze flying in your face as you zip by a gridlock of vehicles. Well, it goes without saying that wearing a helmet is of utmost importance in terms of safety, since your skull might be hard enough to handle some minor knocks, but a full-on collision? Good luck with that. Sena and Shoei have decided to bring together their respective fields of expertise by unveiling the Neotec II, an all-new motorbike helmet that is perfect for communications while you are on the road.

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WHILL Model Ci personal mobility device

Model_CiIn the past, we used to get around on our two legs most of the time, but when mobility devices such as the bicycle became commonplace, that was all the rage. Of course, over the years, there were skateboards and in-line skates that made it easier to cover the distance without breaking out too much of a sweat. WHILL decided to take a look at the personal mobility device category and introduce what it thinks could be a game-changer: the Model Ci. This is touted to be a life-changing assistive personal mobility device which empowers confidence, and it will also feature IoT integration in order to deliver premium customer care.

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OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector

olea-sensorThere has been many reports of an absent minded parent or caretaker leaving a pet or child behind in a car, totally forgetting about the whole situation until returning later only to find that tragedy has struck. This can be one of the most traumatic things to have happened in one’s life, and the guilt of doing so might prove unbearable for many. Since prevention is always better than cure, Olea Sensor Networks figured out that there has to be a better method to ensure that tragedy does not even strike in the first place, hence the release of the OleaVision in-Vehicle Life Presence Detector.

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Fisker’s EMotion makes its mark with new solid state battery

fisker-emotionAn electric car is not something that all of us are able to afford, although some of us do dream of driving up in a Tesla that offers exceptional acceleration performance with looks that could kill. However, if there is one thing about electric cars that continue to invoke doubt in motorheads, it would be the battery life. Most electric vehicles have to “suffer” from limited range and long charging times (relatively speaking) as opposed to a petrol or diesel-powered ride. Fisker would like to turn such conceptions upside down with their modern day marvel, the EMotion that will be powered by the patent-pending Fisker Flexible Solid-State Battery.

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F-wheel reveals the DYU Smart Bike D2

f-wheelWhen it comes to keeping healthy, there are many different ways in which one is able to exercise. However, it is always important to ensure that the right kind of exercise is undertaken, where there is maximum benefit to health and minimal impact to the joints and body so that you can always enjoy exercising longer, well into your golden years. Cycling is a low impact aerobic activity that many people love, but if you want a unique bicycle that can also help you tackle those steep uphill segments without having to break out in a massive sweat, F-wheel has just the thing for you with the DYU Smart Bike D2.

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Cobra Electronics reveals brand new Instant Proof Dash Cam

cobra-instant-proofDriving is fun for many, although no one would like to be stuck in a traffic gridlock. While it is convenient to get around in your own set of wheels, there is always some level of risk involved, and accidents to happen to even the best of us. In such circumstances, it would be of utmost importance if you have an eyewitness around to figure out who is right or wrong in a particular situation — and there is nothing better than a digital recording to capture all that had happened in the fender bender. Cobra Electronics has decided to come up with their all new Instant Proof Dash Cam that will help to protect your family, your vehicle, and your driving record through the recording of video evidence just in the event when an incident happens.

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Magellan TRX7 introduces a HD camera for off-roading navigation

magellan-trx7-csMagellan does more than navigation devices and dashboard cameras, as their latest device, the TRX7 CS, will function as the only navigation device in the market that will boast of thousands of pre-loaded trails as well as landmarks, street navigation, and High Definition (HD) video recording and photo taking capability, all without the need for having a data connection for this bad boy. This means that when equipped with the Magellan TRX7 CS, off-roaders are able to navigate from concrete jungle to trailhead, and then upload imagery from all of those travels.

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Scosche MagicMount Dash/Vent offers a magnetic mobile device mount option

mm-scoscheScosche Industries is a name that is well known when it comes to delivering award-winning consumer technology and car audio products and accessories. Well, their latest addition will see the expansion of the MagicMount system of magnetic, mobile device mounts, where it is known as the MagicMount Dash/Vent that will carry the part number MAGDV2. When merged with other kinds of MagicMount products, including the MagicMount Wall Charger or MagicMount Pro Home/Office, this particular range will be able to conveniently offer users with a complete, tangle-free system that can be used to mounting devices neatly regardless of whether you are at home, at the office or on the road.

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The Rollplay Turnado is what your weekend needs

Rollplay Turnado

Another Friday has come to pass, and looking back on the week, it’s difficult to say what made it that much better from any other Friday that’s happened over the last month or two. It’s only natural to fall into a rut of ritual and routine, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck there forever. Just like you might be tempted to buy a sports car for a mid-life crisis, we buy gadgets and toys to break the monotony of life.

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