Checker Game Shot Set

Checkers has always been a fun game to play whether to play with several people watching or just best friends getting together for a game. Well, checkers will never be the same once you play the Checker Game Shot Set.

This checkers game will have everyone in on the excitement and give your party an exciting new twist. You play checkers the normal way except you use shot glasses filled with your favorite liquor or drink. Of course, liquor would be more fun.

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Shocking Liar

Whether you are wishing to catch your best friend, telling little white lies, your spouse, or your children this gadget will sure let you know the truth while giving the fibber quite a shock.

Everyone is known to tell little white lies, whether they do it not to hurt someone’s feelings, not to get others in trouble or just to make themselves look better in someone’s eyes. Well, now you can find out what is true and what is not while giving these fibbers a bit of a jolt.

What better way to find out the truth behind those whopper tales that your friends are always telling or to find out if your employees really were sick that day last week when they could not come to work.

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Sun Dial Watch

If an LED watch isn’t retro enough how about a sun dial.

Continuing in our tradition of reporting on the multitude of time keeping instruments (I’m desperately trying for the sake of variety not to call them clocks and watches (again)). We’ve just found a remake of probably the oldest time keeping device; the Sun Dial. These wonderful time pieces were very popular in historic times and could be seen in many a Roman or successful caveman’s abode.

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Tiki Tissue Box Holder

This unique gadget is a great way to hand out tissues for those runny noses or during one of the girly movies when all women seem to cry. This Tike Tissue Box Holder will have everyone smiling no matter the reason they need a tissue.

Not only will it be used often but is also a great conversation piece. You can sit one up in every room in the house or at the office and have a tissue handy all the time.

This cool tissue box holder stands up so it is much easier to grab a tissue. All standard size tissue boxes will fit perfectly, so you can still use your favorite.

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See in the Dark with Lighted Slippers

Okay you’re lying in bed listening to your favourite tunes on your pillow speaker when you realise there’s one last thing you need to do before getting your daily shut eye.

Your bedroom floor is littered with toys and gadgets which combined with the fact you had a few beers earlier means navigating to the bathroom without injury or gadget breakage is going to be a challenge to say the least.

Introducing Lighted Slippers to the rescue.

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The Wristwatch Television Set

Are you one of these people that just must not miss your favorite television show or sports event on TV? Are you missing all kinds of events such as office parties, dinner parties, even your own child’s play performance because you are addicted to a certain television show that you just dare not miss?

If you can relate to any of the above then you need the Wristwatch Television Set. This ingenious invention is perfect for watching all of your favorite shows or sports events, you can always turn down the volume and watch in silence when it is necessary and then run to powder your nose to hear the score or the nasty fight that is happening on your day time soap.

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Conform’able footbeds

You’ve spent the whole day on your feet and by the end of it your feet ache, your knees hurt and your back’s letting you know it’s there. Sound familiar? You need some of these Conform’able customised footbeds. They’re insoles moulded specifically to the shape of your feet. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I thought so too until I tried them.

Find out more about them here.

The market for these things started out with professional athletes demanding perfection in sportswear and moved on to providing comfort for ski boots but the lastest range is good for hiking boots and sturdy shoes too.

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