You Cannot Pass – The Super Grip Lock

Super Grip Lock

If you travel quite often, you’ve likely come across a faulty hotel door or two. You end up having to use the deadbolt, and depending on where you are, even that can be unlocked. If you’d rather play it safe than sorry, chances are you want a little more protection than just a simple lock.

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Etihad Airways launches private multi-room cabin in Airbus A380

etihadWe all know that when it comes to traveling in the air, the cattle class (Economy) is the most popular by far and large simply because of the fact that it is extremely affordable compared to Business Class and First Class. The thing is, is there something more than what First Class is able to deliver? The answer is a resounding yes, especially when you have the kind of crazy money to go along with it. The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has recently announced what they deem to be the world’s first private multi-room cabin on a commercial passenger aircraft, The Residence.

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The PAX Loose Leaf Vaporizer takes the smoke out of smoking

PAX Vaporizer
For some, smoking is an occasional habit that is often paired with a night out on the town. Others face the more addictive side, and while they may want to quit, it is far more difficult limiting to one or two every so often. Many who fit the latter description have started moving to vaporizers. These will heat the product rather than burn it, so you’re getting vapor instead of smoke or passing along secondhand smoke.

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URB-E, Take your Transportation with You


When you live in a big city environment you quickly figure out that parking is a hot commodity. Sometimes, you just have to be willing to take public transportation, even if it means waiting in the rain, with your brand new hairdo and fabulous new shoes. Wouldn’t it be swell if you could get there quickly and then just take your transportation inside with with you?

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The SOOT Electropack is a bag for every occasion

SOOT Electropack

Almost everyone seems to have a penchant for collecting different types of bags. Messenger bags, camera bags, backpacks, purses, and much more take up space in a corner of our closets. We keep them around because we face various situations in which one bag may not be as efficient as the other. There are times of course where we also buy bags we already have to be trendy, or we find them aesthetically pleasing.

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Nap Anywhere is a new kind of travel pillow

I have a lot of trouble sleeping in places that aren’t a bed or a couch. The main issue is that I can’t ever seem to get my neck comfortable. I’ve tried travel pillows, bundling up a coat or sweatshirt under my head, but nothing really seems to work. And if I do manage to get to sleep, I tend to regret my decision once I wake up. But now there’s a new kind of travel pillow that hopes to change all of that.

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NDuR Survival Straw

Do you happen to have a great love for outdoor adventures? If you have answered in the affirmative, surely you would have had gone out for some adventures of your own in the past, and among these should include memories of drinking water by a nearby brook. Of course, it is always advisable to boil … Read more

The New Seiko Astron – What Time is it Where You Are?

In our fast paced world it seems as though there is nothing more important than time. We keep track of it constantly, how much of it we need, how long things will take, and how little time we have left. People have been marking the minutes since.. well, the beginning of time. People are still wearing watches, more than just a fashion statement, the watch seems to be referred to more often than our phones, checking to see just how late you are to your next meeting or how long you need to wait for lunch.

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Better Rest While Traveling


Ahhhh the joys of travel. Vacation trips are certainly worth the hassle of getting there and back. Work trips – not so much. Any experienced traveler knows that keeping yourself comfortable and relaxed during the transit process is key. Comfortable clothes help. Maybe you enjoy having your tunes or movies pumping into your ears. If you intend to sleep, prevent the “35,000 foot head bob” as I like to call it, that boomerang type action that you subconsciously undertake when letting your head relax to one side or another. It is amazing more travelers don’t end up with whiplash when attempting to correct the head bob. Maybe you have a travel pillow – you know, those C shaped things – which helps, but the weight of your head still cranes your neck in directions that really can’t be good for us.

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