Best Backpack for College [2022]

How We Picked Backpacks are ubiquitous on the college campus, and for a good reason. Classes and studying require a lot of stuff, including heavy gear like books, computers, tablets, and more. Carting all that around can get tiring, unless you have the right bag to lighten your load. Good backpacks should help protect your … Read more

Best Travel Backpack [2019]

How We Picked Traveling can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. Seeing new places, making new memories – there aren’t many experiences that can compare. Whether you are starting out or have been traveling for you, it’s important to have the right gear. Today, we are going to focus on travel … Read more

Best Luggage Tracker [2019]

The absolute worst feeling is one that many people probably know too well. You arrive at your destination following a long flight. After screaming babies, cramping elbows, and strangers sleeping on your shoulder, you’re ready to grab your luggage set and relax. You wait around the luggage carousel until the next flight lands, but your … Read more

Best Luggage Sets [2019]

How We Picked No matter what, there is going to be a point in your life where you will need to travel. And when you do, you will need a luggage set that can handle everything you can throw at it. But, do you just grab the cheapest luggage set you can find and hope … Read more

The Modobag will let you zip through the airport at 8 mph


If anything is going to make you want to pull your hair out, it’s traveling. Everything is a deadline, and if you’re flying, getting through security can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 or more hours. Getting from one gate to another on a layover can show you how good of a runner you are as some airports are huge and you end up getting onto the plane as a sweaty, hot mess.

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INU folding electric scooter is perfect for urbanites

inuWhen you live in an urban area, where there is a whole lot of development, chances are, the more expensive places in which you stay at would have better facilities as well as last mile connectivity. Of course, not everyone is able to own the best place in town, simply because one’s purchasing power is not all that high despite living in an economically vibrant area. Having said that, the INU folding electric scooter can be said to be perfect for urbanites, where it will function not only as a primary means of transportation in an urban setting but also as a last mile solution.

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Undersea Aquahoverer would wow your date more than any Ferrari

undersea-aquahovererMost of the time, when we think about exotic cars and the ilk, chances are the names Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini would crop up, and these high powered machines that do require a fair bit of skill in order to drive are not exactly cheap and affordable, either. They have also been transformed to be status symbols and featured in many a rapper video that entices people to work hard and purchase it. However, if you would really like to impress your date, how about bringing her out on this $1.5 million Undersea Aquahoverer?

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The G-RO carry-on makes quick trips a breeze


Everyone who comes out with a new product feels as though they’re reinventing the wheel. Most of the time that is definitely not the case, but oftentimes the real change is in smaller aspects that make whatever the item is a bit better than the rest. I’ve seen many more things in crowdfunding campaigns that seem as though they’re really going to take the cake, but there’s always the unknown factor on what the real finished product will be.

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The ShelfPack – Travel smarter, not harder


When you start traveling out of state more than once or twice a month, you begin to notice little things with packing and driving or flying that you can change to make your life easier. Things like rolling up your clothes so you can pack more, making sure you have extra clothes in your carry-on in case your bags are lost, always having a snack handy, and the fact that chewing gum is your best friend when flying. If you hop from hotel to hotel though, there’s a decent chance you are tired of packing and unpacking a suitcase.

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Kelvin .36 puts a toolbox in your pocket

If you’re always on the go you can’t pack too much, but never know when you’re going to need something. This leads to needing to pack smarter, lighter, and as compact as possible. While clothes and toiletries are easy enough to figure out, tools you may need in your travels are a more difficult matter. … Read more