RePro3D system lets users play with and touch digital 3D characters

This is the RePro3D system, and it is under development by Keio University in Japan.
My Source calls it a miniature holodeck, but I don’t believe that this is an accurate description. You can see in the video after the jump what it actually is, and it combines several technologies.
The user looks into this box, and projectors create a naked-eye 3D fairy character. An infrared camera tracks the users hands, and that device that you see in the photo is for haptic feedback. It reminds me of those devices we discussed yesterday that could be used for virtual video game stabbings and shootings.

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Shadowhawk UAV, one tiny copter that could come after you

What you are seeing here is no toy helicopter, but the Shadowhawk UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle).
This helicopter is about 49 pounds, and you probably want to watch the video after the jump to see it in action. According to my Source, the Shadowhawk is already being used to track pirates off the Horn of Africa. Apparently, it is also used to enforce law on U.S. streets.
It also comes with the option of turbine or piston engines, thermal cameras, range fingers, and laser pointers. For those who want some weapons, it is also possible to install 37 mm or 40 mm grenade launchers, 12 gauge shotgun rounds, or even taser batons.

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Petron Fun Crossbow

So we took a look at the Petron Hand Bow yesterday, and for those who want a little bit more kick in their modern update to medieval weapons, here is the Petron Fun Crossbow. At £14.99 a pop, this lightweight weapon hails from a less civilized age, and will be able to deliver a satisfying … Read more

Plick is a new kind of building block

This is the Plick, and they are a building block toy that are quite electronic. Similar to the Lego Mindstorms NXT, Plick allows the user to build mechanical toys like a functional robot.
You can watch a video of it after the jump, and you can see that it has these stretchy connector things for powering engines and sensors. The stretchy connectors act as rubberbands so you can strap them to all kinds of things.
For example, the Plick bricks (for lack of a better word) include an engine that spins like a propeller, an LED light, a sound sensor, distance sensor, and much more, I’m sure. These different bricks can be linked together to create all kinds of contraptions. It is a great way to teach about how electronics work.

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Air Pick is a guitar without the guitar

Considering the popularity of music-oriented games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I am not surprised that something like the Air Pick has been made.
I’m not certain whether the Air Pick has come to late, as it seems that the music gaming fad is dying with Guitar Hero. However, Flair’s Air Pick is essentially a guitar pick that is thicker than a normal, and has “built-in jams”. The jams include such classics as “Satisfaction”, “Jumping Back Flash”, “Smoke on the Water”, “Born to be Wild”, and “Sweet Home Alabama”. All you have to do is strum the Air Pick in the air, and it will play the right notes.

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Wappy Dog for 3DS

I guess that there is nothing that can be done with “pet” games other than linking them with real pets, but until that day, there is Wappy Dog.
Wappy Dog is from video games industry giant Activision, and the toy that you see in the picture is designed to wirelessly work in sync with a 3DS game. The Wappy Dog toy has light up cheeks that can express Wappy’s different mood states from unhappy to fully content via different colors.
As you might have guessed, the object is to make certain Wappy is a happy puppy, and to keep its cheeks the color of contentment. The player/user can talk to Wappy as it recognizes more than 18 different voice prompts, and it can respond with more than 350 barks that are “translated” with the 3DS.

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